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...and a welcoming experience


We decorate our working environment, such as business premises and offices, but also our homes, mainly according to visual and auditory criteria. We neglect, however, that the appreciation of an environment by humans is actually for 2/3 by smelling.

If the fragrance pleases, customers and guests stay longer and buy more frequently. A pleasing fragrance leaves memories, so that customers and guests return.

Fragrances have a positive effect on memory, irritability, stress, depression and apathy. They reinforce positive emotions such as happiness, relaxation and excitement. Moreover, an environment is perceived as cleaner when it smells pleasant. In the future, fragrances are to be released in, for example, vehicles such as trucks as soon as the on-board computer detects that the driver becomes tired and starts to make mistakes.

We offer fragrance solutions for:

Hotels (for example, lobby and seminar


Gastronomy and Hospitality (restaurant,

                                             bar, and cafe),

Nursing homes,

Entertainment (e.g. Casino or Event-


Shopping centers,

Retail trade,


Fitness centers,


Also discerning private customers, who appreciate high quality of life in a pleasant environment, are looked after well by us. For example, a product like the Scent Bliss One fits very well in a modern home or apartment.

In nursing homes, detergents and other sources often create an unpleasant smell which affects the comfort of the residents as well as their visitors.

Through our fragrance solutions with odor neutralization, the cause is tackled and the air is freed from bad odors. The result is a pleasant feeling for all.


  What we offer

• Personal care

• Selection from standard and personal

   (signature) fragrances

• High-end quality fragrances due to

   uniquely concentrated aroma fluids (the

   most-concentrated available on the


• All our fragrances are produced in France,

   are IFRA-certified and REACH-compliant

• Quality equipment – manufactured by

   selected production partners in i.a. The


• Factual, flexible, fast and efficient service

   and solutions

• Transparency = no hidden costs




Unique customers require personal attention and a professional approach. In order to find a fragrance solution that supports the unmistakable identity of your company, we work closely with you. Together, we create aromas that enhance the wellbeing of your guests. Thereby we underline the preferred identity of your company, also known as 'scent marketing'.


For individual homes and smaller areas up to 150m2, we offer autonomous diffusers such as the Scent Bliss One®. For larger areas up to 4,000m3 (or more), we offer equipment that either works autonomously or is connected to an air handling system.

The diffusers are designed to spread extremely small particles resulting in efficient and economical devices that require very few fragrances.

In addition to a comprehensive range of essential and aromatic oils, all produced in France and IFRA-certified, we also develop customer-specific exclusive fragrances. Our fragrances are the most concentrated ones available on the market.

  Essential Oils and Fragrances

  Purchase or monthly flat rate

We offer an easy monthly flat-rate solution, where we install and maintain the equipment, ensure that there is sufficient fragrance available and at the required strength. Straightforward, without hidden costs.

Alternatively, equipment and fragrances can be purchased.

Together we can see the best solution for your company, organization or as individual.

Our Air Sanitize® products are specifically designed for cleaning interiors from cigarette smoke, as well as unpleasant mold and musty odors. Air Sanitize neutralizes airborne odor particles, microorganisms, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and pathogenic aerosols.


The air purifying substance encapsulates air particles and breaks them down. Air Sanitize is a solution based on water. It is not dangerous, non-toxic and biodegradable. The substance is odorless, colorless and does not leave spots.

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