Our Air Sanitize® products are specifically designed for cleaning interiors from cigarette smoke, as well as unpleasant mold and musty odors. Air Sanitize neutralizes airborne odor particles, microorganisms, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and pathogenic aerosols.


The air purifying substance encapsulates air particles and breaks them down. Air Sanitize is a solution based on water. It is not dangerous, non-toxic and biodegradable. The substance is odorless, colorless and does not leave spots.

Air Sanitize can be used in spray bottles or in air-conditioning systems. It has been successfully implemented in rooms with poor air quality. By applying consistently, the creation of unpleasant odors is permanently prevented.

Two products are available:

Air Sanitize® – Smoke

Particularly effective for neutralizing cigarette smell, odors caused by mold or spoiled goods, as well as unpleasant body odors.

Air Sanitize® – Fresh

Individual fragrance is added to the active Air Sanitize ingredients, to increase the feeling of freshness. A combination of air purification and room fragrance is achieved. The result is a cleansing effect during the cleavage of the chemical odor-compound. The degradation of hydrocarbons into smaller droplets, leads to the natural neutralization of this compound.


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